Jimmie Ward
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Jimmie Ward was one of the early pioneers of aviation. He was know for performing exhibition flights all over the country. Being that he lived in the Midwest a good share of the documents are from the region.

Jimmie would take an aircraft to a town and show it off to encourage people to get into flying. It certainly spurned the imagination of many young minds seeing Jimmie and his flying machine.

Jimmie came to the Marshfield Fair in 1912 to do just that, encourage people to take up flying and more then likely purchase a Curtiss Aircraft.

During his trip to the fair it is believed that one individual was selected or won an airplane ride. However even though this woman shares her image with Jimmie from the Marshfield Newspaper of the time, no one knows who she is.

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Picture Left: Jimmie Ward as he appeared in the Marshfield Fair Grounds in 1912. Picture take by the Marshfield Newspaper at the time.

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