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Computerized Exams at Duffy's Aircraft

Duffy's Aircraft is proud to announce that we are a CATS testing center and CATS Partner Comira. We are approved to provide you your written Federal Aviation Administration and Comira exams.

To Schedule A Test Call Jeff G. 715-387-2211

Tests may be scheduled for:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • and Saturdays

Appointments are required for a test.

The Federal Aviation Administration and ODA have established all aviation exam fees at $150

CATS is supported by the Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association. If you are an AOPA member, be sure to bring your membership number in with you for a discount on your test.

If you call and schedule with Duffy’s Aircraft we will provide you a special “Duffy” Discount which is better then the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Associates Discount.

Comira Exams and fees are arranged through Comira / CATS. Sorry there is no Duffy discount for Comira tests.

Drone / UAV Applicants - Please bring with you your driver's liscense. Also make sure that it has your current address on it. If it doesn't, a utility bill with your name and current address is also needed to verify your address. The test is 60 questions, 2 hours are allowed for the test.

Aviation Applicants - Please bring the following with you or you will be unable to take a test.

  • 1.A government issued photo identification that has your present address.
  • 2.Endorsement from your instructor or recommended training course such as KING or Gleim for example
  • 3.An E6B Flight Computer
  • 4.A Calculator
  • 5.A Plotter

All other materials (pencils, paper, supplemental booklet, etc.) will be provided for you.

No Cellphones, jackets, hats or non-medical electronic devices are permitted in the room during a test.